Its a time for celebrations and a season for reaping what we have sowed.Today i witnessed my friend’s graduation at the Baxter Arena, there was excitement in the stands (family and friends) and off course the graduates themselves were excited.Graduation is a big achievement at one point all the students decided that they wanted to get on this journey and they worked hard made sacrifices .I was reminded about my own graduation a week ago.

A week before graduation i attended an event at the University of Nebraska Community engagement center – Donning of the kente and i stood up and spoke to fellow graduates after my cousin had nudged me for about 2 mins.One thing i mentioned was it takes a village to raise a child, that i could not have made it without my family my friends and everyone who was in my life through out the journey.One thing that was mentioned as part of the speech was as you go up , grab just one person.”take someone with you”.It got me thinking , after we have celebrated our achievements and our family’s achievements and we have been celebrated , what’s next?

I am not asking whats next in terms of employment or furthering your education .My question in whats next – who will you take with you to the top.How does this achievement not just benefit you and your family but benefit the world as a whole.Our world has become so selfish that most people do not even think or consider to take someone with them.I personally want to inspire someone else to take the leap and decide to go back to school.To go after their dreams, passion and to trust God through out the process.
Today i say to me fellow graduates , (Makorokoto) Congratulations and i urge you to take someone with you.It can be through volunteering at the boys and girls club, being a mentor, helping at risk teens , encouraging a friend or inspiring a stranger to go after their dreams.
You were blessed to become a blessing to someone else, so go and be a blessing.


Trusting God

Trust is a big thing for most people and if you are anything like me then its very huge.We trust our friends , family,co-workers , teachers and sometimes even strangers but find it hard to trust God.He tells us “Be still and know that i am God , i will be exalted among the nations and i will be exalted in the earth” Psalm 46:10 yet we always end up trying to fix things our selves.Because we do not trust that when we are still,God will be picking up the pieces and doing whats good for us.

For some people you do not trust anyone for valid reason, some people you trusted ended up letting you down and now you feel a need to protect you self.This idea of not trusting anyone then gets passed on to  not trusting God.Like the bible verse below says, we should stop leaning on our own understanding and in all we do submit to God.People have failed me in the past and i have failed other people but God has never failed me.

Proverbs 3:5-6New International Version (NIV)

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight

Reflect what areas of your life you need to start trusting the Lord 100% in.Identify these areas and reflect on why you find it hard to trust the Lord in these areas and then pray about it and change .Pray that you can submit to the Lord in all your ways, trust him with you family , finances, relationships, education, career, futures, goals, vision and trust him with you whole life.Sometimes all we need to do is let go and let God.

Prayer for today:

Dear heavenly father starting from today i put all my trust in you.I submit all that i do into your hands because i know without you i am nothing.I trust you with my life, my future, my present and with all that i have.I pray that you will give me the spirit of discernment so i can trust the right people.I  pray that i become a person that other people can trust.I pray that even when i do not feel like it, i will still continue trusting in you.In the name of Jesus Christ i pray


the color of fall…

the color of fall…

Fall my favorite season-i love the colors of fall, running through the park and seeing these beautiful trees is a plus  this time of the year.This picture was taken a few Sundays ago after church, just had to stop with a friend and take pictures.In this season i know they are things in my life that need to fall.Bad habits that i can’t take with me to the next season.I urge you to just take a few minutes to reflect on the things that need to fall.Bad eating habits, lack of focus, putting my dreams aside , not taking care of myself physically, spiritually and mentally are things that need to fall.

I love reading books and i can’t remember the last time i challenged my self mentally.I haven’t enjoyed a book thats not a school textbook in a long time.For someone who once wrote about self care i am doing a horrible job.And what has been my excuse ……….I am busy…..

Busy, busy , busy these are the words i have been saying to myself.And when i say them i mean it, i am a very busy person.One thing i realized is i forgot how to live my life in the process.

So many times we are busy pursuing our dreams and we forget to live our lives.I had a checklist today on self care, one of the questions was ‘did i take at least 1 hour for my self a day’.So many things on that list i could not check yes.I used to take my self on dates, dinner and a movie and i do not remember the last time i did that.I love shopping and i don’t remember the last time i took my self shopping.

Its easy to get lost in the day today and just survive.School, internship and work are the things that have taken over my life.These things are important but for me to be effective in all three areas i need to be taking care of my self.So yet again i am going to make a list of the  things i want to do for my self.This time i will have short term measurable goals.And i will be accountable to someone.

Have a great and blessed week and remember its okay to put your self first sometimes.Take care of your self so you can be effective in what ever you do..



Choose to be great…

Greatness is in all of us; we just have to realize we have it. Some people do realize they are meant for greatness but other people never do. Another group that most people fall into, are people who know they are meant for greatness but are afraid to do something about it. A calling goes out to all of us and not everyone answers. To be great you need to set your self apart. Do something different, stop following the pack. If it were easily achieved then everyone would be great. Today take a moment to examine your life, are you living up to your potential. Are you living a life that is taking you further and further towards achieving greatness or every move you make takes you further and further away. I have set out to achieve greatness and I know I have to aim higher. I have to believe in my self and believe that I deserve more from life because God intended me to have more.

Here is how it works-

  1. You have to work for it.
  2. Sacrifice your sleep.
  • Make sacrifices when it comes to your finances, time and what ever applies to you.

The best athletes, musicians, dancers, writers and successful people did something different in their areas of influence. They were given a gift just like you and me, and they identified their gift. After identifying their gifts they cultivated the gift and became great in their areas.



Publicizing his mighty acts…

Isaiah 12:1-4

IMG_8543At this time you will say: “I praise you Lord, for even though you were angry with me, your anger subsided, and you consoled me. Look , God is my deliverer! I will trust in him and not fear. For the Lord gives me strength and protects me, he has become my deliverer,” Joyfully you will draw water from the springs of deliverance .At that time you will say: “Praise the Lord! Ask him for help! Publicize his mighty acts among the nation! Make it known that he is unique!

(The Bible)

God is my deliverer, I will trust in him and not fear, fear is the one thing that sometimes cripples most people me included. Yet in so many scriptures in the bible God asks us not to fear.

I love this verse and I should probably have it on a sticky note on my wall the part that spoke volumes to me was the last sentence.

Publicize his mighty acts among the nations, make it known that he is unique.

What have I done to publicize his acts among the nations, so people can know that the Lord we serve is unique? Does the life I lead show the goodness of the Lord? I was one person who used to say evangelism is not my gift, I cannot do door to door preaching or preach the gospel to someone I just met. But I realized standing on the street corner preaching the word is not the only way to publicize his mighty acts. There are many different ways of publicizing the good things that the lord has done or continues to do in our lives. The biggest one that everyone sees everyday, is how you are living your life. My pastor at Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe used to ask us this question. Are you the daily mail or are you the Sunday mail. That people only know you are a Christian on Sundays but the rest of the week you were not living for Christ. At your job strive to work so that God’s goodness is seen through your work. In everything you do try to show his uniqueness.

Giving thanks

So after what seemed like the longest semester of my life, I am happy to say the summer semester is over and yay I got good grades. To be honest at some point I wanted to drop 1 class but a small voice inside me kept telling me that I got this. When I checked my grades today, I had a few seconds of relief. And then ingratitude crept in; I started thinking about how my GPA had dropped a few points. I was no longer grateful for that grade. But I caught my self, they were times when I was overwhelmed and the lord helped me pull through. Every time that I felt tired, I would always says these verses

Philippians 1:6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Genesis 28:15 I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.

I would not say the whole verse but I would always say to my self, he did not bring you this far to leave you. Him who started a good thing in you will see it to completion.There is power in the words we speak. And as I was staring at my answered prayer, ingratitude had crept in. I urge you to always give thanks to the Lord for all he does. Sometimes we get caught up in greed that we forget to thank God for the answered prayers. Be thankful, say a prayer, and give a thanks-giving gift.

Take a minute look at what the Lord has done for you and how faithful he has been and just say thank you Lord.

Today I am thankful for a lot of things including my grades, surviving the summer semester, health, good friends, family, emotional stability, the list keeps going.

Stay blessed and be thankful.

The best laid plans.

The best-laid plans – I made a conscious decision to start eating healthy and taking care of my self. I am a big planner, so took out my note pad and started scribbling. What I would eat on what day and how many times I would go running. I also prayed about it, for God to keep me motivated, because I had tried this too many times to count and I always ended up back to were I started. I was doing well for months, and then a few cheat meals got me off track. And was on vacation and made excuses to my self, now that I am back I am trying to go back to were I was. So I made a plan last night on what I would eat, something healthy of course but ended up having a cheese omelet (extra cheese) and sausage for breakfast. Instead of the intended smoothie and please do not ask what I had for lunch. Oh and was supposed to go for either a run or hiking in the morning with a friend and I am sure you have guessed what happened.

So what happens when the best laid plans never materialize, not just plans about eating healthy, exercising and habits that need to be stopped. It might be a financial plan that you had, saving a certain amount of money or an investment plan. What ever plans you had made that never made it from the sketchbook. I do not know about you but to me it is infuriating and disheartening sometimes. I bumped into a list of things I wanted to have achieved before my 29th birthday and wow I was disappointed in my self. What had happened was my first thought, because the person who had made these plans was motivated and on fire. What changed, how could I have forgotten about all these plans? The truth is I never forgot I got too comfortable with were I was and always saying I will do it tomorrow. Forgetting that tomorrow never comes.

Recently I have been asking God to light up a fire under me so I can get up and go. Make me so miserable with were I am that I want to move. To be so miserable, that I will start walking in his purpose for me. There is a book that has not been finished that I need to finish, so many stories that were started but never finished. Business ideas and projects that I need to see to the end. So get those lists out it never too late.

My prayer for anyone today is get up and move, pray that the same zeal you had when you made those plans be revived 10 times more. A few weeks ago at church the pastor said “we need to stop waiting for God because he has already answered our prayers and is waiting for us to move.” You have prayed about this project or these plans for years, months, weeks or hours.

Its time to step out in faith.

Joshua 1:9 Have i not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

This verse speaks to me, when I look closely as to why I have not made moves on my plans. The word fear keeps coming up to the top. Fear of failure, but if the Lord is with me, what shall I fear? Do not let fear cripple you to be point of not going after what you want, do not settle because of fear. I want to challenge you to look back at all those plans you made, your ideas book or dream boards and see the plans you had made for your life. Ask God to revive the zeal you had in the beginning and this time without fear, start moving in faith. Stay blessed and remember God loves you.